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Hey all, Casey here. For the month of February we are going to delve into using Facebook as another tool to promote yourself and your writing. To start the month, I’ve shared a bit from my experience and a basic overview.

Using Facebook

As a published author, Facebook has been a great way to reach people. Granted you are reaching out to your already existing friends and family in the beginning   but these people should automatically be willing to support you.

I made an author page (in addition to my personal Facebook profile) where I share my blog posts and info on my book. My hope is that by making it separate people will see that it is coming from my author page and expect writing–related material as opposed to my personal profile always posting about writing stuff. This is also nice when you are followed by people you don’t personally know. Once you have an author page you will want people to ‘Like’ your page; they will then see what you post in their feeds. If you are like me, you will be ECSTATIC anytime someone new comes and ‘Likes’ your page.


The neat thing WordPress offers (if it is working correctly that day) is automatically send your blog posts to Facebook so you can share with little effort, ultimately driving more traffic to your blog. You will need to set this up in your WordPress. If you do not want each post to go to Facebook, you can do it when you want by manually posting them to Facebook. Do this by copying the link of your blog page and pasting it in your status. It will also copy the URL which you can then delete and add a caption or prompt if you want.


Since Facebook is such a large part of Social Media we are devoting the whole month of February to it. The Megaphone Society Best Practices Series will focus specifically on four main topics related to Facebook.

Here is the outline of what you can look forward to!

  • Why  Facebook
  • Setting up a page
  • Advertising and Sharing on Facebook
  • Insights aka Analytics

Larissa and I are excited to discuss these best practices and hope you are able to apply them to your own marketing purposes. We look forward to hearing what works for you and anything that you would like to add.

Cheers! Casey