What is Megaphone?

The Megaphone Society is a community of writers and authors who mutually support, critique and encourage one another. We are writers of all genres, levels of experience, authors who self–publish and those who go the traditional route.

Megaphone has four main components

  1. Featured member in an Author of the Month blog post.
    • The featured author is responsible to write the post; this is an introduction to yourself as a writer, a post about your latest book release, or anything that is on your mind and relates to writing. The floor is yours to use as you wish!
    • The rest of the Megaphone Society commit to re–blog the post during the month. This means that Megaphone members will have two posts per month featuring fellow Megaphone authors. We also strongly encourage everyone to “follow” and “like” the appropriate social media profiles.
  2. The opportunity to list your books on the Megaphone Bookshelf as another advertising avenue.
  3. Online community activities.
    • Once a month we will have a Twitter #authorchat. During a one hour period, four to five questions will be tweeted by @CaseyVoight using the #authorchat hashtag. Anyone can participate by simply replying to the questions and interacting with other people using the hastag. If there are questions you would like asked during the #authorchat, just send Casey an email.
    • We will also have a Monthly Meet–Up blog post here on the Megaphone Society blog. This post will be a different prompt, topic, or book review each month, and the goal is to have constructive conversation through the comment section. Members are always free to re–blog the post as well.
  4. Finally, the Megaphone Society Book Club.
    • The purpose of Megaphone is to support each other as fellow authors. To that end, we encourage everyone to purchase the Book of the Month (mostly likely by the month’s Featured Author) and participate in some constructive criticism via a post here on the Megaphone blog. We all want to make our books the best they can be, and what better place for ideas than a community of fellow authors?

There are a few requirements for this one:

      • Ebooks must be under $5 and print books must be under $10.
      • All critiques must be made on that specific blog post on the Megaphone blog. We want Megaphone to be a safe place to interact and give constructive criticism – the author’s personal blog is not the place to post this.
      • Keep it clean, constructive and supportive. If you think a chapter needs re–written, say that and give your reasons. As authors, we need to hear the harsh feedback. But make sure you do this in a kind way. Inappropriate comments will be monitored and removed.

Ready to join the Megaphone Society?


6 thoughts on “What is Megaphone?”

  1. I wish to join i,m a newbie at novels but have great life exp.

  2. I would join but can’t make promises I probably can’t keep 😦 I can’t guarantee giving time when required and I definitely can’t afford to buy so many books, whatever the prices 😦 I love the idea behind it all though 🙂

  3. thagstands4 said:

    Sounds like a winning community.

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