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{MegaphoneSociety.wordpress.com}Happy September! Happy fall (almost)!

How have your summers’ been? Have you entered any writing competitions, received good feedback from editors or started a new book?

We have been hard at work on projects this summer. I have worked on several websites – including a brand new site for Casey coming soon! – and she has completed four new children’s books. With the standard summer activities, like vacations and weddings and lake weekends, we’ve been busy and had a blast.

Starting later this week, we are launching a new series on all–things design! Casey and I are excited to share the design and marketing experience of our day jobs.

We all know, when looking at an event flyer or book cover or movie poster, when a design feels “off.” You may not know why, but you know when something isn’t quite right. Likewise, we just know good design when we see it.

There are reasons for this. Our minds are naturally drawn to pleasing design. In this series, we’ll walk through the basic elements of good design and then build on that for cover art. When it comes time to finalize the cover of your next book, you’ll have more knowledge and tools to fine–tune it to perfection.

Then, in October, we’ll extend those design elements to our blogs and websites. We’ll teach you some basic – and essential – HTML skills, discuss site structure and various types of sites out there, and we’ll talk logo design.

To sum up, this fall is all about visual marketing. We all judge books by their covers and even judge an author by the quality of their online presence as well as their books. We encourage you to think about yourself as a brand and focus on developing that brand with us in the next two months.

Can’t wait!


C & L