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Megaphone Society Featured Author

Meet our Megaphone Featured Author for July, Dave Donahue! Dave met Casey through the blogosphere and was one of the first supporters of the Megaphone Society. Connect with him on his blog and Twitter!

Dave Donahue authorMy name is Dave Donahue and I am a fairly new author, having fell into writing by happen chance.

My writing began after I was hospitalized with meningitis and almost died. For the first couple years I hit rock bottom after my illness and pretty much gave up on life. I had worked as an electrician for years and was also a US Marine. After I hit forty my body was beginning to give out. Not only that, my mind became a mess due to the illness.

So, on the advice of my doctors, I decided to write a journal about my life to help me understand why my life had been so rough. After writing this I found I actually enjoyed writing, so I began a fiction book called The Sunshine Murders. This book is about a serial murderer on the California coast. John Brodis, the lead detective has his hands full trying to solve the crimes.

More recently I wrote Love Me Till Tomorrow. This is a romance book about a couple who crash-land in the Mojave Desert after a plague concocted by the government to curb population overgrowth becomes uncontrollable. The book focuses on the main characters Mark and Desiree who are trying to survive the desert, the plague and search for other survivors. This book, if anything, was very helpful in allowing myself to get out of my head and focus on the positive and create something from nothing.

Six years after my near death bout with meningitis and a diagnosis with a chronic illness, I am now healthy and exercise and write, read, go to water parks, the beach and fish for catfish in North Carolina! I also have a wife and ten-year-old son who recently graduated fifth grade at a local private school.

We asked a few fun questions, and here’s what Dave said:

  1. What would your main character eat for breakfast?

    Desiree would probably eat MRE’s Meal Ready To Eat.

  2. What song most describes you?


  3. What’s the craziest tattoo you would ever get?

    I already have it…and Im not tellin’.

  4. Have you ever written yourself into a story?

    Yes, my first book.

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