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We are getting OFF the wall!

scary person

Look up, shut up, straighten up and knuckle down.

I’m yelling at myself here of course, not you, so don’t get mad, (unless you need to yell these things at yourself.) I’m going to admit something that is a common topic amongst us but I’m going to with a different approach.


There, I said it. I read all the time about ‘just do it’, ‘just make the time’, but what if your mind isn’t in it? What if forcing it only jams you up more?  If you have a mind like mine, and I’m hoping for your sanity that you don’t, then you know how easy it is to get caught up in the maze. I’ve had some pretty heavy things in my head lately and they have been keeping me from wanting to dive back in there and write. In fact, I’ve tried to stay out of my mind as much as possible. It’s easy to get lost in there.

My other issue is time. As with anything, time is scarce. I’ve been hoping for Mono all winter long so I would be forced to lay in bed and write (but it didn’t happen).  My point to all this is that the typical inspiration quotes, and devoted time techniques, just aren’t cutting it. I have to get totally off the wall in order to get back on track. If you are TOTALLY AND HOPELESSLY UNINSPIRED TO WRITE, like me, then here are some tips that might actually get you back in the right mind-set.

1. Become the character you are writing about.

Yep embrace them in all their scandalous, awkward, dorky, mysterious traits. I’m suggesting you dress like them, go out to a restaurant or club, library etc., wherever they would go. Talk like them, think like them, completely act like them. If you are writing about serial killer definitely pick a different character to mimic. Who doesn’t want to become someone else for a little while? While you are them you will be able to see many new aspects of their character and maybe even be able to pull from a side of their personality that you hadn’t even thought of. Once you get home you will be dying to get back to being them in your writing.

Casey Voight

2. Save time by writing while doing something else.

I carry my notebook with me pretty much everywhere I go. If I’m sitting in the doctor’s office, stuck in traffic etc. I will spend the time jotting down story plots. I hate wasting time and instead of getting irritated I just get to writing. Who likes to layout in the sunshine? I do. I don’t support doing it without sunscreen but instead of sipping tea and looking at the latest Better Homes and Gardens, sip tea and write.


3. Use it as an excuse to NOT do something you are dreading.

I often pull this on my husband – “So I really need to write, can you clean up the kitchen?” I’m then obligated to write AND get out of having to clean – score!

4. Pay yourself.

For every page you get done pay yourself a dollar. If you do it right you may have a nice chunk of fun money by weeks end.


5. Get your significant other involved.

Ask them to help you stay on track. They may have fun thinking up rewards for you if you get your writing goals met. 🙂

Hopefully these off the wall ideas may help you. I’m going to go take my own advice and  get my rear in gear!

Cheers! Casey Voight

What’s the strangest thing you’ve done to get the creative juices flowing?

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