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Ink Out is your creative space. Take a notebook, pull out your computer, scribble on a napkin at lunch… it doesn’t matter! These 10 minutes belong to you. Every Thursday we post a new prompt for you to interpret as you want.

The format is yours as well! Write a poem, a short story, reminisce a memory, use the prompt in your current writing project… some weeks inspiration may come in the form of drawing instead. Ink Out is yours to do with as you please.

Like what you wrote? Post it in the comments to share with everyone! Or if you post it on your own blog, leave the link below. Don’t want to share? That’s fine too. 🙂

Just in case the Mayans where correct and today is the last of this world, let us go down reflecting. Todays word is Reflect.

Cheers, Casey and Larissa