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Guest post Megaphone Society

Greetings Megaphone Society!

We want to open the floor of this blog to Megaphone members. This is community, right? We don’t want all the posts here to come from Casey or I, but from everyone.

But what would I write about, you ask? Anything! Casey just got her first shipment of printed books, so she may have a post coming soon about that. Margie is busy submitting query letters to publishers. Dave is knee–deep in writing.

We are each at different stages, climbing over different hurdles, have different ideas, Got something to say? Megaphone Societyetc. And we want to hear about it!

Leave a note in the comments if you want to be a contributing author to the Megaphone Society blog. We’ll get you scheduled and rolling to share your insights with the rest of us!

As always, wishing you a free imagination and happy writing.

:: Larissa